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Drug Kits

All drug kits are not created equally. Certifications are very important – the more certifications the more accurate the results.

Expiry Dates

All cups have expiry dates. Some companies sell cheap knock-offs with short lifespans. Safecare does not engage in this practice.

Fentanyl & Alcohol

Our products are the highest of quality. One major difference between ours and those of other companies is that our cups include fentanyl and alcohol detection.

Cut-off Levels

Cut-off levels or detection of drugs is measured in parts per million. Ours have the ability to detect the smallest amount of drugs and show results.


All of our products have certifications for clinical use around the world.


Safecare cups have built-in alteration variances. When people try to fool the test by adding chemicals into a sample to make it read false, the cup identifies the sample as invalid.

Featured Products

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