About Safecare Canada

Safecare Canada is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) and has partnered with Safecare Biotech (Hangzhou) Co.,Ltd. to supply Canadians with high-quality products: substance of drug abuse tests in different formats.

Safecare Biotech(Hangzhou)Co.,Ltd.is a manufacturer specializing in the research and development (R&D), production, technical support and distribution of rapid diagnostic test devices and reagents based on immunological biotechnology. With our highly trained staff and good service, Safecare offers high quality products in the following specialties: fertility tests, infectious diseases tests, sexually-transmitted diseases tests, and tumor markers tests, cardiac markers tests, and substance of drug abuse tests in different formats.

Safecare Biotech responds to the requirements of the market, and fulfill the special wishes of its customers. Maintaining a constant dialogue with customers enables the company to respond reactively to problems and changes and to be able to offer products at all times with consistently high quality.

At this point, the main focus of Safecare Canada is to provide the Safecare Biotech drug test kits. We are also providing free seminars to schools to educate students and teachers about the dangers of drugs, drug abuse, and available treatment and services. Click here to learn more and book an appointment.



12 Panel Drug Testing Cup
510K FDA – CE – ISO – CLIA Certified