Drug Free Schools

SafeCare Canada Is promoting a no cost in school awareness information seminars on street drug awareness, the effects of drug use and how to avoid temptation and peer pressure.

The Safe and Drug-Free Schools program reinforces self esteem, self control and “SAY NO” decision making skills that promote healthy choices and a drug free lifestyle among students SafeCare Canada’s in school 1 hour program is focused to teach students about common drugs of abuse, the consequences people face from drug abuse and how to recognize the signs of a loved one or friend on drugs and what you can do to help them save their life, and have a great future. This seminar assists students in effective instruction, and provides in school programs to educate students and teachers about the dangers of drugs, drug abuse, and available treatment and services. The program offers guidance and support to schools that promote Drug Free Schools.

For more information on having us come to your school, please contact us.